Swimming pools

There are many different swimming pool construction systems. At Gran Viobra we focus on the construction of swimming pools made of concrete, lined with gresite, the "traditional" swimming pools.

About the design. There are indeed standard shapes, rectangular, oval, L-shaped, etc... The design of this type of construction is totally customisable, you decide!
There are no size limits. Swimming pools made of concrete can be built as big or as small as you want. This is why this type of pool is usually chosen for private pools, community pools, hotels, campsites, leisure complexes, etc

We examine the pool lay-out plan to find out which spaces can be dangerous in the dark. Stairs, edges, benches or slopes must always be visible, even in the darkest night. We identify all these areas and provide solutions by offering the possibility of installing LEDs with higher light intensities and specially designed for small spaces.

In addition, we can install an integrated jacuzzi if you are thinking of a relaxing hydromassage bath at sunset.

At Gran Viobra, we love starry skies. We believe the most spectacular lighting is that of the firmament itself. This is why we are particularly attentive to the design of your pool lighting, making it eco-friendly and avoiding environmental light pollution, ensuring it is safer and more energy-efficient.

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