New Build

We know that a house is the biggest investment of our life, therefore we work closely with you to make your ideas a reality in the final project. At Gran Viobra we guarantee a New Build project, or an integral refurbishment with a meticulous finish.

We approach any project at any stage. From the beginning, by drawing up the construction plans with our technicians and architects, or during the building process, providing you with all our infrastructure and experts to develop your project.


 Our working method

At Gran Viobra we approach all our projects from an understanding of the luminosity, functionality, comfort and design for which they are intended. We understand your lifestyle and we keep updated with the latest market trends.

We also pay special attention to ensure that structures, roofs and impermeabilisations are as energy efficient as possible, in order to minimise both energy and maintenance costs.

1- Work Plan
We listen to your idea. After understanding your style and analysing your preferences, we will organise a work plan and submit a summary of the project to you, showing all the workmanship and materials to be used.
Obviously, we will also take care of all the necessary paperwork and permissions.

2- The design
At Gran Viobra we will offer design solutions and ideas on the combination of materials to be used to translate your ideas into the final work. We have a team of interior design and architectural specialists for any challenging situation that may arise.
From experience, we know that sometimes less is more, and if this is the case, then we will tell you. We offer creative solutions to your needs for functionality and comfort.

3-Schedule and costs
We always try to anticipate any unforeseen element at the beginning of the project, in order to provide a solution adapted to your needs and adjusted to your budget.
We will always inform you immediately of the expected costs of any changes or modifications you propose. We will never surprise you with extra costs. We always stick to the initial budget. We know the importance of finishing a project on time and we do our best to achieve it.

4-Project execution
Once you are completely satisfied with the design, schedule and budget, we will order the materials and get down to work. We take care of the organisation and coordination of all the work necessary for your new construction or refurbishment project, to ensure that everything works and, above all, that the objectives of your project are met.

5-Finishing and quality assurance
When the work is almost finished, you will join us in the general review, and then we will draw up a list of the final touches. Our team will carry out the finishing touches. Once finished, you will be able to enjoy your new home with total satisfaction and the Gran Viobra guarantee of quality and service.


We provide you with assessment, information and advice during the whole creative process of your building project in Mallorca. We contribute to the design of your project, advising you on the selection of the most suitable materials.

We embrace the challenge of new building in Mallorca with the professionalism, organisation and coordination gained from more than 35 years of experience in the new building sector in Mallorca. At Gran Viobra, we offer you New Build services in Mallorca.

Tell us about your project. We will be delighted to help you.